Dr. Sue Edwards

Associate Professor of Educational Ministries and Leadership and Author

When I wake up each morning, I pray, “Lord, help me not to mess up.” I have messed up before. I came to faith in my mid-twenties, newly married with two baby girls. If not for his mercy, I would be another statistic, but he supernaturally showed me his grace. So for the last forty years, I have served him.

Serving God has included teaching the Bible, overseeing two mega-church women’s ministries, writing five leadership books and a Bible-study series, and now instructing seminary students in a world-class institution. These opportunities are God’s gifts and fertile learning ground, as we grow and learn together.

I pray that these resources will help you lead well. Our leadership books come out of years of experience filled with joy and sometimes learning the hard way.

My Discover Together Series Bible study series is designed to get women of all ages and stages, maturity levels from all walks of life, deep into the Bible in a practical format for busy women that links to life. I’ve learned that women grow best when they discover God’s truths for themselves, rather than my telling them. My hope is they’ll be fertile ground for rich, transformative discussions complemented by real-life teachers if needed. But I’ve provided helpful leader’s guides, with activity ideas and troubleshooting advice, and short videos for brief instruction and variety. If I can help, don’t hesitate to contact me.


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