Our History

In February of 2000, a small group of women met together to brainstorm and see if forming a new association would be feasible. This meeting was held at Irving Bible Church with Mary Dean as the catalyst. As she talked to various women in ministry positions at churches around the metroplex, there was a common theme — a desire for a place to meet other women involved in similar ministries and a place to share resources and ideas. Those in attendance that day were: Shelly Davis, Dianne Miller, Vickie Kraft, Karon Arita, Sue Edwards, Jeannette Shubert, Joye Baker, JoAnn Hummel, Garretta Saunders, Janet Boyden, Tianne Melton, Jackie Roese, Kelly Arabie and Mary Dean.

The primary purposes of the group would be:

  1. Fellowship — Encouragement and support, sharing problems and concerns with women who face similar challenges and struggles.
  2. Resource sharing — of ideas, speakers, organizational set ups, networking, providing relevant and topical meetings.

A purpose committee was formed to fully explore the possibility of beginning a professional organization, to more fully flesh out the purpose, and to come up with a purpose statement, a vision statement, a statement of faith and the bylaws. Both the small purpose committee and the larger group met several more times through the spring of 2000. The proposed mission and vision statements were approved, the first slate of officers voted on, and AWMP was launched. The first official meeting of AWMP was on July 20, 2000.