AWMP is a professional leadership organization for women in the D/FW area who serve in full or part-time Christian ministry, as well as students preparing for ministry careers. Through quarterly speaker gatherings, shared leadership resources, and networking opportunities, AWMP empowers women to empower others.

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February 2018: Work Matters – Dr. Christina Crenshaw

Work Matters: discover the sacred in the secular through a biblical view of work All Christian women work, but more and more spend the bulk of their time in a workplace with people who don’t share their world view.  How can you influence women you shepherd to view...

April 2018: Singleness – Elizabeth Woodson

The Forgotten: reach, understand, and include single women in your ministry For the first time, singles outnumber married women, yet many well-intentioned ministries ignore and marginalize them. Learn who they are, what they need, and how to enlist them on your...

July 2018: Face to Face with Trauma – Dr. Michelle Woody

Face to Face With Trauma: minister to women suffering from trauma disorders (sexual abuse, PTSD) Dr. Woody trains counselors and ministers to treat deeply wounded women and you will encounter them too. Do you know the signs? Do you know when to refer them to a...

With quarterly events and many other activities, there is always something to be involved in with AWMP.

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